Evidence Capture Guide

Evidence capturing can be beneficial in a number of business scenarios. Whether recording technical details, milestone decisions or anything in between, permanent evidence proves what happened when and by whom.

Think of anytime you need to provide evidence or proof that you followed the right protocols, had the correct information, or executed a decision. Maybe you need to verify every data point you collected that led to a milestone decision (like a home foreclosure). Or perhaps you need to prove you executed a decision based on the most up-to-date and factually correct information when working with third parties. In these instances, the timing of when data is captured is a critical component of capturing evidence.


Here are a few examples where Evidence Capture is necessary:

  • Proving data was not tampered with when collected at regular intervals

  • Verifying handoff to resellers or vendors as supplies change hands

  • Collecting information to prove originality or validity of an item